Sunday, February 10, 2008

We're Baaaaaaack!

Feeling encouraged by my sister, I bought a new pair of kicks.

There might have been a little nostalgia at work here, I won't deny it. But there's something indefinably comforting about wearing a pair of Docs. Maybe it's the comfort of the boots, maybe it's the memories... but I love wearing Docs.

There's a slightly guilty pleasure to wearing calf-high boots in public. Everyone else can only see the bottoms: they think you're wearing shoes. But there's a little secret that only you know: they're boots! It's even better with dress slacks or a suit: you look like you're wearing shoes, but you're wearing boots!

Simple minds, simple pleasures.

I used to wear Docs all the time: I bought my first pair in 1995, and have worn them more or less faithfully since. My first pair were 4-hole shoes, then I tried the 8-hole boots, then tried 6-hole boots, and then I bought a pair of slip-on dress shoes last year.

But in 2005, I replaced my worn-out 6-hole boots with a pair of Columbias. The Columbias are comfortable, durable, and good for support; but in the end, they're not Docs.

My Columbias are wearing out, so I started looking for a new pair of boots.

One parameter is my jacket, which is a brown leather:

As you can see, it's a dark brown. It's hard to match shoes with that jacket, it's too dark for virtually all the shoes I've looked at. Then a brilliant thought occurred: I can get black Docs. I know, brown and black aren't a match, but this jacket is dark enough that the black boots match it better than pretty much all the brown shoes or boots I examined:

So yesterday I bought some black Docs.

I never realized how much I missed Docs.

This is my first pair in black: the black leather's a little thinner than the brown I always used to buy, which is a little strange. I can't help but notice they're made in China too. I'm not a big fan of "made in China," but I didn't notice until I had already bought and worn them, so that removes my obligation to decide whether I want to support a totalitarian regime. Of course, show me shoes for sale in the USA that aren't made in China, right?

It's good to have them back.


Ames said...

You're too sexy for your shoes.

Chuck said...

I'll get me some and we go for a little know, real horrowshow.

Shan said...

Yeah the China thing - I mind the days the Docs were all made in the UK.

Love the jacket.