Friday, February 15, 2008

I have a dream

Many years ago, I saw my first telemark skier swishing down the slopes of Mt. Washington. It was a sight I've not forgotten: an older guy with a grey beard, a long red stocking cap, and knickerbockers; zooming past the great unwashed on their downhill skis.

Of course, that was back before telemarking was "cool": that was when it was arcane, perhaps even occult.

But I've finally decided I want to learn to telemark. Not because I want to hit the backcountry (although backcountry telemarking looks really cool), but because it seems like a really cool thing to be able to do.

So I've set a goal for myself. I've been losing weight and attempting to get more active in preparation for leaving Get-in-the-SUV-to-Cross-the-Parking-Lot Land. So I've added a measurable objective: when we settle in Up North, I intend to learn to telemark.

Maybe I'll eventually hit the backcountry, but even if all I ever do is swish down the ski runs with one heel up, I'll be happy.


Ames said...

Ooohh. . . are you going to wear little knickerbockers, too?

clumsy ox said...

Nothing I wear is "little". Hence the weight-loss attempt.

Shan said...

Now THAT'S what I call a vacation.

And can I just say, if you learn to telemark first, then go backcountry for a week with no chair lift? the weight loss will naturally follow. Jeez, did you see those dudes slogging up Rogers' Pass?