Sunday, February 24, 2008


I was looking through some old photos this weekend. I thought I'd share a couple.

This is our backyard when I was growing up. I have no idea who took this photo: probably one of my sisters. Somehow it ended up on my computer:

That was a great house for a kid. The trees at the end of the grass were the start of a small forest in our yard. That forest extended past our property and was at one time several acres. They eventually cleared most of it and built a subdivision there, but they never hit the "real" bush at the end of the road. That's still more or less intact, as far as I know. When I was still at home, you could walk off the end of the road and literally go 100 miles without seeing significant civilization. Again, a great place to grow up.

When we got married, we took a "honeymoon" to go fly fishing in Colorado. Here's the lake where we first tried fly fishing:

We didn't catch a thing, but it was fun. That was August.

This is looking out the entrance to the apartment complex where we lived in Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids gets a lot of snow, but doesn't really get very cold. There was a micro-brewery in the building in the front: Robert Thomas brewery. They made a great pale ale, and the Applebee's next door (not in the photo) carried it on tap. They had a tap room in the brewery, but I never actually went there.

Mocha was abandoned by her mother, so we took her far too young: it was that or let her starve, her eyes weren't open yet. We eventually gave her back, for some reasons that don't matter now. It was hard to let her go, but sometimes life's like that. She was somewhere around 30 lbs when we gave her back: this is a baby picture

This car was stolen right out of our driveway. My youngest daughter had helped me wax it a couple days before, and there was thick white wax caked into every seam. Turns out that's how the police identified it when they pulled over the driver.

We went to Niagara Falls in the Fall of 2006. I got a few pictures of Japanese tourists taking pictures: that seemed to really capture the spirit of Niagara.

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Ames said...

I love that picture of my Mokey-Pokey. Still wish we could have kept her.

It is possible you or I took that picture on one our Christmas visits.

Good times.

Chuck said...
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Gwen said...

Oh. I wasn't ready for that first picture.

Shan said...

Nor I.

Eryn said...

what a great back yard. glorious.
all kids should grow up with a forest in their backyard. i did.
the mountain picture is spectacular too.

Michelle said...

The idea of having only one backyard for all your growing up is so very foreign to me. I enjoy your and Gwen and Shan's reminiscing because it's sort of like glimpses into a whole different world. I loved moving every two years, and still don't like staying in one place too long, but you always wonder what it would be like to spend your whole childhood in one place. Thanks for sharing some of your memories!