Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Bible Quest

So several years ago (say spring of 1992), I switched from using a KJV to using a Darby Translation. There's a long story to that, which is really irrelevant right now. Suffice it to say that my little Darby became my most used Bible within a few months.

Well, around the end of 1999, it was wearing out a little. Perhaps that indicates it was poor quality, perhaps it indicates I read it too much... one way or another, it's got pages falling out, and there's a lot of wood glue in there. So my wife buys me a KJV/Darby Parallel Bible from Bible Truth Publishers around the end of 1999. It's nice and all, but I've tried twice to adopt it as my primary Bible, and both times, the cheap binding and brittle paper have forced me back to my worn-out little Darby.

So this spring, I decided to try and see what else is out there. I started with buying a small ESV (one of those cool TruTone editions). It ran me about $23 at Books-A-Million, and I've been reading it through. I'm only in Jeremiah, but I've read most of the Epistles as well.

Then, out of the blue, a guy gave me an unopened, untouched Darby from Stow Hill! This is a big deal, because they went out of business 30 years ago or so. This has been on his bookshelf--- still wrapped in the shipping paper---for 30 years! It's gorgeous, although it's taken some work to break it in. But it's significantly better quality than the Darbys they're selling now.

And then, just this last weekend, a guy gave me a single-column NASB. One of those Kay Arthur inductive bibles.

So suddenly I have some reading to do. I've never read the NASB through, and I don't want to start until I finish my ESV. So I'm trying to pick up the pace a litte on the ESV.

So much to read, so little time to read it...

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