Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Dinner: Post-mortem

Well, the Sunday Dinner plans were all upset by my getting sick. Not kneeling-on-the-floor-while-I-heave-up-my-intestines-sick, just "did anyone catch the license plate on that truck?" sick.

At any rate, we stayed home and ate the pork and chooks ourselves. Not really: there's a lot left over, but we ate a lot of it.

The sauce turned out to be pretty easy: I took the stock we made from the chicken giblets and necks and the juices from deglazing the pan where I roasted the pork and reduced them. To that I added a shalot cooked in butter, some cream, some brandy, and some more butter. All this was whipped up until it reduced and got all gooey. Then we threw a little more brandy in at the last minute, and ate.

The sauce actually tasted like the sauce they put on Rahm Schnitzel at the Rathskeller in Victoria, but it was dark grey---almost black---because of all the balsamic vinegar I poured over the pork when it was cooking.

The meat itself was more herb-encrusted than pepper-crusted, but that's fine.

Everyone seemed to think it was a winner. I liked it, but that doesn't mean much. I'm not into cream sauces, and could well have mistaken something really good for something awful.

I'm off to make some rum-an-eggnog now. We bought some "blackstrap rum", which I thought came in a black bottle. Imagine my surprise when we poured some and realized the bottle was clear! It makes great eggnog, though.

I've been meaning to write a review of my ESV for quite some time now. I'll get to it someday.


Gwen said...

Sounds great! It's been a long time since I had Rahm Schnitzel.

However, past experience leads me to wonder if it is Amy who is the Master Griller, and you who are stealing her glory. Could it be? Search your heart, you know the truth.

clumsy ox said...

Rahm Scnitzel is my forever favourite. Unfortunately, my German restaurant here doesn't make it. They make some sort of Swiss dish that's pretty similar: "Kalbsrahmragout mit SpƤtzle".

It's got a very similar mushroom-and-cream sauce to Rahm Schnitzel, but instead of a schnitzel, they served it with small strips of veal, and they put it all on a bowl of spaetzle. So you get this noodle+veal-cream-sauce combination that's a real killer. I love that stuff, but I feel terrible for several hours every time I eat it.

I need to go back there soon.