Saturday, December 9, 2006

Sunday Dinner (Part II)

OK, Dad and I fired up two grills today, and cooked a pork loin and two chickens. We weren't planning on using both grills, but I had to move the old one out of the way, so they both ended up in the driveway. I started a fire in the old grill to clean it out a little (I'm hoping to give it away soon), and all the accumulated fat in there smelled so good.. we ended up using it for the chooks.

The pork looks fine so far, and we got a decent amount of juice when we deglazed the pan. So far, the plan works.

The pork didn't work put exactly as I had envisioned so far, but pretty close. I cut it in half, then coated it in salt and garlic powder. Then I poured balsamic vinegar over it, and coated it in coarse-ground pepper and some thyme. Then we grilled it, pouring balsamic vinegar over it occasionally.

Tomorrow we'll thicken the juices with butter and cream, then spike it with brandy.

On a side note, what's with the balsamic vinegar? What is that stuff, anyway? I appear to be the only person on earth wo doesn't like it, which means I have to cook with it. The good of the many and all that.


Shan said...

Balsamic vinegar - I hear that. I have to confess I see the appeal when looking around for something to dip my foccaccia into, but otherwise it's pretty much aceto non grata.

clumsy ox said...

I dunno, I think I pretty much hate the stuff outright.

It's all right cooked into a pork loin, but I can't think of any other reason to use it.

Of course, the wife loves it, so we keep plenty on hand. I actually bought a bottle to replace what I used from her stash.

Mind you, I've nothing against someone eating and enjoying something I personally dislike, I'm just bewildered at what the attraction is.