Sunday, September 30, 2007


Well, I just finished renewing my Green Card online. So after a $370 filing fee and 20 minutes of my life, plus several minutes' re-reading my application to make sure it is all accurate; I'm now on my way to being allowed to live here after February 2008.

So I had posted about whether I should stay in the USA or come home: renewing my Green Card is essentially option #3: make up my mind later. Actually, option #3 is a good one for an international family.

So long as I have a Green Card, I can leave the USA for a given amount of time without losing it (somewhere between 6 months and a year). So this way, we can cross the border and give Canada a try for a few months. After a few months there, my American wife and I can decide what to do next.

If Ames decides she can't stand Canada, then I will probably get a US citizenship. But by renewing my Green Card, I've given us a chance to spend a little more time on the decision.

Still, $370 is a pretty hefty filing fee.


Ames said...

That's not coming out of my yarn money, is it????

Michelle said...

Are they looking for filers? Seems like that could be a lucrative career opportunity!

Gwen said...

I keep meaning to tell Amy that Patti at Save On says "hello," and so does Lisa H.

See how well you'd be loved if you came to Terrace?