Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well, we're getting more and more excited about the prospect of leaving Charlotte.

We still need to finish painting the house. Actually, the house has been painted, but the woodshop and deck haven't. We need to slap some paint on there before we list the house. Of course, the brutally hot weather for the last several weeks has kept us from moving forward with painting. At these temperatures, paint just bubbles off the wood.

In the interim, I need to put down quarter-round on the baseboards of the wall. When we ripped up the carpet to expose the hardwood floors, we never put the quarter-round down to finish the job. So today I'll go off to Lowe's and get some of that. Hopefully we'll make some real progress on that today.

It is my sincere desire to move back to Canada by the end of 2008. The biggest obstacle is selling our house, and that is dependent on getting the painting, etc. done so we can list it. Hopefully we'll be listed in the next few weeks.

In my little fantasy world, we'll be leaving North Carolina immediately after Thanksgiving of 2008 (that's the end of November for all our Canadian friends). When we moved back to NC from Michigan, we arrived right around Christmas. It was a good time to be homeless: the end of the year is a good transition time for jobs, tax-wise; and the holidays are a good time to have some chaos. If there is a good time for chaos.

Well, I'm just fantasizing now.

I know some of my Canadian friends would wonder at my desire to come home: you want to come back here? Yeah. I came to the USA for what was supposed to be a two-year stint, and it's stretched to 13. The USA is a good place, but I never intended the move to be permanent. Maybe we'll spend 6 weeks in Canada and decide we can't stand another 6. Maybe not. But one way or another, I really want to head back and give it a try.


Gwen said...

I'd move here before I'd move anywhere else.

I'll praying for the house to sell if that's the Lord's will! I'd love to see you back here.

Shan said...

"I know some of my Canadian friends would wonder at my desire to come home: you want to come back here? "

I frankly don't know anyone except Dad who would wonder at your desire to come home.

Michelle said...

I suppose it depends on how deep your roots are - having moved so often, I've never really wanted to go back to anywhere I've been, just on to a new place. But I'm glad you do want to come back, since that means you'll be moving much closer to us!

And hey, if you don't like it, we love to move around, so let's just make sure the next move after that is to a place both of our families will enjoy. :)

Chuck said...

I am happy for you my friend.

At least you have a country to go back to.