Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So I'm test-driving Flock: a web browser for Mac that appears to be much more like a client than a browser. I'm in minute 8 right now, and am frankly impressed by what it offers.

The basic idea is, the browser keeps you logged into things like Blogger and Facebook; and offers browser-based tools to interact with them. So rather than posting this from the little editor window in Blogger, I'm using the "Blog Editor" in Flock.

So far, an interesting idea.

In more personal news, we're moving on buying a house. Inspection is today. That's a lot of why I've been out of the loop: the house search has consumed a great deal of time and energy over the last couple months.

I've been intentionally limiting my personal computer time, trying to spend more time reading, pedalling, and paddling. I've found my laptop can be the most vicious time sink.

I owe several people phone calls and email. I'm working on it...

Finally, today is our 14th wedding anniversary.
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Shan said...

Hey, many happy returns of your anniversary! I remember that day, 14 years ago, when I got bitten by a fire ant, threatened with black widow spiders, and suffocated with the North Carolina climate....good times!

Seriously, congratulations. May this be only the beginning of your happy life together.

Gwen said...

COngratulations to you both. I hope you had a wonderful day.