Monday, August 11, 2008

House Warming

So we had our first cook-out in the new digs. Our place is still stacked with boxes, we still have very little open floor space; but we had the privilege of some guests this last weekend.

But let's get the backstory first.

When we left the house in January, I had to part with my grill, as we couldn't "cook with open flame" in the apartment. Some wonderful friends agreed to grill-sit in exchange for use of it for six months; and my grill spent several months at a friend's house. We went over and cooked for them on it twice, but I have to admit I've missed my grill.

When we were in BC last month, I bought a small hibachi to use at the beach or the lake, and it was worth every penny of the $21.95 it cost me at Canadian Tire:

It looks a little rusty: that's new after being caught in a rainstorm (we have those in the Northwest). The problem with grilling on charcoal: ash is very caustic once it gets wet. Ash + Water = Lye.

At any rate, I got my grill unpacked, reassembled, and polished on Thursday or Friday. So it was a tearful reuniuon

Notice the shelf under the grill is still dirty. I need to get that cleaned. But the stainless is pretty shiny.

So Saturday KingJaymz and his Queen came to visit. They bore gifts, including a bottle of Old Viscosity Ale and a Stumptown Tart. Neither bottle made it through the night. (No, it wasn't a drunken rout, we had a nice long visit and got thirsty a couple times.)

But the main event, of course, was meat. Saturday as Bone-In Ribeye Day.

Good food, good drink, good company. Saturday was a good day.

Update: I can't help notice KingJaymz' account of the visit is so much more meaningful and kinder than mine. I discuss the grill, beer, and meat; while he talks about how nice we are. I'm tempted to edit my post heavily, but I think that would blur the reality of the situation: he's obviously a better man than I.


Chuck said...

I can smell that over here.

EPIMENOS said...


KingJaymz said...

Here your pouring compliments out on me and I didn't even get by while they still had carbonation in them. Bummer.

I won't argue with compliments, it's discourteous, but your family has to be the most cultured and educated I've ever been around. The level of your childrens' over-all intelligence was threatening in conversation. Good on you and Ames, there. And you were most hospitable...more so than many I've known. It was tons of fun.

And I was remiss to not mention the beer. I guess I was just mostly disappointed with Old Viscosity.

KingJaymz said...

PS The moment we took that photo on the bottom of your post was pure magic. Loved it.