Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Now this is impressive:

Some of the more elaborate canoe dancing is a little out there, but these people can definitely handle a paddle.


Shan said...

that's cool. It made me thirsty. Now I want to go look up some rowing vids.

Gwen said...

Impressive! I'm going to try the tilt this summer, I think. I bet you can't WAIT to get up here and get back in the lakes!

clumsy ox said...

I've been playing with the tilt a bit myself.

I actually discovered the tilt on my own one summer on Morton Lake. But as I've been watching some vids of much better paddlers than I, I've noticed a coupld things:
1. they tilt way past where I ever did
2. they don't sit centered in the canoe and lean: they actually sit right on the gunwale
3. they paddle very close to the gunwale: no reaching
4. they choke up pretty far on their paddles.

One thing I've realized is, they all use a very narrow blade on their paddles. The standard square-tipped 8" wide blade is too wide. You really can't knife very cleanly with that wide a blade.

And you're right, I'm all excited about returning to the lakes.