Monday, April 7, 2008


So my birthday's not for a couple weeks yet, but apparently Ames couldn't wait: she bought be a birthday present Saturday, and we opened it Saturday night. We're not so bad as some of our relatives: we generally leave presents until the actual holiday; but this time, we blew it big time. I mean, there's still three weeks...

At any rate, Ames bought me a Wii.

If this seems out of character for us, it is. I'm a computer guy, I have lots of high-tech "toys;" but I generally avoid video games of all forms. I'd rather spend time trying to figure out the nuances of a new language or a different technology than try and beat a video game.

But the thing is, I've been fascinated by Wii ever since it came out. The whole concept is so cool and so innovative. I've been threatening to buy one since they first hit the market, but my threats were largely bravado for two big reasons:
1. I've never actually seen a Wii in a store. They're always sold out.
2. I would have trouble justifying spending that much money on a game console, regardless how cool and innovative it is; because I don't play video games.

Of course, the biggest problem with a Wii for us was, we don't have a TV. So I had a great new game system I wanted to set up, but I had nothing to display it on. That was a surprise.

Well, a phone call to a friend who'd recently upgraded to plasma fixed that: "Yeah, I have a couple 27-inch sets I was going to take to GoodWill, you can have one if you want it."

So last night Ames and I were jumping around and swatting madly with the new Wii. She totally dominated the games, and thoroughly pasted me in every contest. I actually beat her on two games, I lost count of how many she won.


Ames said...

Gee, go on, Ox. You LET me win, right!??!

I'll give you a re-match. That was too much fun.

Michelle said...

From what I've heard, of all of the game consoles, this is the most group oriented one, with lots of games you can play as a whole family. Provided, of course, that parents are willing to share. *wink*

Shan said...

Ha! I've been eyeing up the Wii for Mr HSB for must let me know how it holds your interest in the long run.

And remember that bit from Starship Troopers, about pilots? Women have better eyes, better reflexes, better coordination and are better at minute adjustments.

So there you go.

Sarah said...

I got one for my hubbie for his bday...well I gave him a box with a pic at the time cuz I couldn't find it in stores. But we got it and together have had tons of fun on it. Playing with and against each other, we find it a better use of our time then just sitting watching TV together. Since out basement flooded it has been disconnected from the TV and I miss it. Have a ton of fun!!!