Saturday, March 22, 2008

Like a bird on a wire

My daughter wanted to visit the Carolina Raptor Center, so we took the kids there yesterday. The center is bigger than it looks, hiding in woods in the Latta Plantation.

The gate is guarded by a metal raptor

The raptor center has miles of trail through the woods

And various mini-theaters for demonstrations and lectures

Then, interspersed in the trails are various aviaries, with their inhabitants

The aviaries are enclosed in pretty serious chain link or plastic fencing, which caused no small amount of frustration among people with cameras. I resorted to taking manual shots with a telephoto lens. Some of the shots turned out pretty well

Others had some interference

It was nice to hear eagles shriek again: there were eagles nesting across the street from our house when I was growing up, and they always woke me up with their early-morning shrieking.

So all in all, a good day.


Gwen said...

Wow, Mr Gwen would be in his glory.

I can't believe how nice the weather looks down in your neck of the woods! It looks like summer!

Ames said...

Gwen, we have two seasons here: summer and hot summer.