Thursday, May 3, 2007

Soldiering on

I started running last week. Well, "running" is a little inaccurate. "Trotting slowly while gasping for breath and trying not to think about heart attack" might be a more honest description.

Many, many racks of ribs, hundreds of steaks, and several hundred pounds of peanut butter are coming back to haunt me with every step.

I started out trying to make it around the block. That is not nearly so trivial as it sounds: the first day I made it more than half-way before dropping into a brisk walk for the length of one person's front yard. The second day, I dropped into a walk one house later. Now I run pretty much the whole way. Which sounds good until you remember it's actually only around the block.

I've added some push-ups and sit-ups when I get back to the house, to try and keep the heart rate up for a couple extra minutes.

The good news is, I've actually lost a couple pounds. The bad news is, I'm still way too huge.

The last time I started running was about 8 years ago, and I got up to a mile or so without a lot of difficulty. But I never stopped hating every single step.

I figure the block will do for another week, then it'll be time to crank up the intensity to two blocks. Eventually, I want to make a couple miles.

Yeah, like that'll ever happen.


Ames said...

Think positive thoughts. . ."I am a skilled runner. . .running two miles runs very deep in my family. . .I am a marathon guru. . ."

Gwen said...

and "I think I can, I think I can"

KingJaymz said...

You should check out the links in my latest blog post. Not the ones about you and your blogs, but the other ones about me and a new blog I'm creating. You just might find yourself inspired...

clumsy ox said...

That's very interesting. I'd actually been toying with that idea, but I wasn't thinking it would actually work.

I wonder if Ames would agree to that...

Ames said...

Dearest Mr. Ox, Everyone know fully well that I submit to you in all things.

KingJaymz said...

Get yourself a Wii, I'll add you to the "editors" section of the blog and we could make that a joint venture.

How much better can it get? Playing video games and losing weight?

Ames said...

IF you could find a good beer that boosted your metabolism, built muscle and burned fat. . .The only thing better than that would be heaven. If you find such a beer, I might take up the habit myself.

KingJaymz said...

I guess I was just trying to keep it in the realm of reality. But, I suppose there might be a snowball's chance in hell that one could get free beer for life from the Rogue brewery...

Shan said...

Clumsy, you've gotta try "One One Run". It's the tried-and-true (even I've tried it and it totally works) method of running/walking building up your number of minutes as follows:


Run 1-1-2-2-1-1 (2-minute brisk walk breaks between runs)
8 minutes total run time

Run 1-1-2-3-2-1 (2-minute brisk walk breaks between runs)
10 min total run time

Run 1-2-3-3-2-1 (2-minute brisk walk breaks)
12 min total

Run 2-5-5-3 (1 1/2-minute walk breaks)
15 min total

Run 2-5-8-3 (1-minute walk breaks) 18 min total

Run 2-3-10-3 (1-minute walk breaks)
18 min total

Run 4-12-4 (1-minute walk breaks) 20 min total

Run 3-14-3 (1-minute walk breaks) 20 min total

Run 2-16-2 (1-minute walk breaks) 20 min total

Run 20 minutes nonstop

Warm up with 5 to 10 minutes of brisk walking. Cool down with 5 to 10 minutes of slow walking. Run segments at a conversational pace.

From: The Runner's Handbook, by Bob Glover with Jack Shepard and Shelly-lynn Florence Glover.

Off you go!

Ames said...

It was the word "good" that took that beer into the realm of fantasy, wasn't it?

KingJaymz said...

Well, actually it was "boost metabolism, build muscle and burn fat." No light (or is it "lite"?) beer does that, even.

I just drink good beer. I have completely revamped my diet with the exception of beer and wine. Those are the two things I just refuse to give up. I'll quit eating sugar altogether, and cut out sodium, but you take away my beer and your begging for trouble. I come from a beer brewing family.

joni said...

same idea as stated above by Shan...but a friend gave me the link only recently and i am always excited to read a little more on how to rUn...hoping it will transform me into a truly great rUnner...
sigh not just a pretend one...hehe.

trespassers william said...

there is an old saying that is in the form of a question, "how do you eat an elephant?" the answer being, "one bite at a time?" start somewhere (as you have done) and continue to take those necessary steps (not necessarily meant to be literal). they may seem small at first but just keep on going and you'll acheive your goal.

Niki said...

I hear you on the running thing. Big women don't run! Especially big women with haha Good luck with the running.

Jared sent me. I'll be back...eventually. ;)

R said...

I run quite a bit. At first I could not run for 10 minutes straight (that was five years ago) and now I can run for ten miles straight. It is all a mind game.

For starters try to run for five minutes straight. As much as you think you will die if you do it, you really won't die if you run for five minutes. Make sure you are completely hydrated though (if you run at night make sure you have got around 10 glasses of water in you before you attempt the run. If you don't run at night but in the morning, just make sure you maintain your hydration levels and about 10 glasses a day will do you).

It is amazing but you will be able to add more minutes to your run if you just tell yourself you will do it no matter how painful it is.

Another key is getting control of your breathing. Make sure you do breathe in a sort of rhythm so you can get a "groove" going. I think it is easier on your body to adjust if you are breathing in a consistent manner.

I say, run for five minutes straight every day for one week and then walk for five or ten minutes after every run, and then build up the run about 2 minutes more of running per week until you reach your goal.

Make sure you have good shoes (I prefer New Balance).

And remember it is all in your mind.

I am crazy, but hope this helps. It helped me!