Thursday, May 10, 2007

Java Party!

Well, I'm working long hours this week. I'm working on a JSF application (which is really scope-crept to the point where it ought to be re-worked into about 4 applications) to assist in the chemical engineering and production of flexible polyurethane foam. This project has really turned into a monster, and there have been several technology and architectural changes that have happened under me: this thing is a beast with a life of its own.

So I'm sitting at my MacBook (self-employment has some benefits), with Evanescence playing on iTunes. I'm listening to "Bring Me to Life", which is a wonderful song. I doubt it was written this way, mind you, but it's a great metaphor for Christianity...

So I guess that's another cat out of the bag. I like bubblegum music. So sue me.

Ames and the kids are out doing an errand for some friends: they should be back soon with dinner from Burger King. Time to open a Sam Adams Summer Ale, and see about knocking out this stupid project.

Deadline next Monday. Maybe we'll actually be done by then.


Gwen said...

Well, Nerd God, time to shine. My nerd test wasn't displaying properly on my blog so I re-did it, and to my chagrin I scored more nerdy this time around. Nowhere near you, though. I kiss your feet.

KingJaymz said...

I'm praying for you this weekend, dude. I hope you get to get some sleep in the near future.

Continued prayer and blessing to you and your family.

I'm not a "Nerd God." I'm just a dork.

clumsy ox said...

Thanks for the prayer! This project might well be the death of me. In fact, it's become quite the joke on the team. The concensus appears to be that it's not my fault, but its still killing me.