Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've always wanted to do one of these, so I copied Gwen's...


1. *What is your occupation?* Programmer---mainly Java, do other odd bits in Perl, sh, etc.

2. *What color are your socks right now?* faded grey

3. *What are you listening to right now?* A sermon on church order. I'm about to put on "Zoot Suit Riot".

4. *What was the last thing that you ate?* I'm still eating a loaded bagel with cream cheese.

5. *Can you drive a stick shift?* Yeah. Not as well as Gwen, of course. But I taught her in my '81 VW Rabbit, so I should get some credit.

6. *If you were a crayon, what color would you be?* Hunter green

7. *Last person you spoke to on the phone?* Ames

8. *How old are you today?* 34. Tomorrow is my 35th birthday

9. *Favorite drink? --alcoholic or non-alcoholic????--* Beer

10. *What is your favorite sport to watch?* Hockey

11. *Have you ever dyed your hair?* Yup, I was a high school teacher, and I used Kool-Aid to get my hair to the school color (blue) for some special event or another.

12. *Pets?* Not any more: daughter has allergies.

13. *Favorite food?* NC BBQ: pulled pork with a vinegar sauce

14. *What was the last movie you watched?* The Princess Bride

15. *Favorite day of the year?* Thanksgiving. If I were still in Canada it would be Christmas Eve, but here in the States, Thanksgiving beats it out narrowly.

16. *What do you do to vent anger?* Nothing: I let it build up inside. Once I've gotten enough saved up, I'll buy a high-powered rifle and find a water tower

17. *What was your favorite toy as a child?* Lego

18. *What is your favourite, fall or spring?* Fall

19. *Hugs or kisses?* I have personal space issues. My wife and kids can hug/kiss me; but everyone else needs to keep a respectful distance.

20. *Cherries or Blueberry?* Cherries

21. *Jeans or Skirt?* I only wear a skirt to certain bars *cough*.

22. *Who is most likely to respond?* No one. I am silently wasting my life in ignored, impotent rage.

23. *Who is least likely to respond?* Gwen

24. *Living arrangements?* Wife, three kids, myself.

25. *When was the last time you cried?* Can't remember. Boys don't cry.

26. *What is on the floor of your closet?* Shoes, beer, some Lego boxes.

27. *Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending/tagging this to?* ?

28. *What did you do last night?* Went to prayer meeting.

29. *Favorite smells?* Raspberry.

30. *What inspires you?* Not sure

31. *What are you afraid of?* Mockery

33. *Favorite dog breed:* Rottweiler

34. *How many years at your current job?* 16 months.

35. *Favorite day of the week?* Friday

36. *How many cities or towns have you lived in?* YBL, YYJ, STL, Rockingham, GRR, CLT.

38. *Ever driven a Motorcycle or heavy machinery?* Hurt myself on a motorcycle: not bad, but bad enough to never try it again.

40. *Do you have a house phone that is NOT cordless?* Yup.

41. *10 inches of snow or 100 degree weather?* 10 inches of snow

42.*List the name of the person that sent this TAG to you.....* I'm blatantly stealing this from Gwen.


Gwen said...

Ah-HA! I am thrilled and honoured!

I often recall learning The Stick Shift on that Rabbit. You taught me "the creep" at stop signs, and I can still start on a steep incline without rolling back, all thanks to you, Master. I also got my first (and only) speeding ticket in that Rabbit. Good times!

I sure wish you were coming to visit soon. My kids talk incessantly about your kids, your wife, and the quality of your wife's breakfasts. (as opposed to the quality of your sister's.)

clumsy ox said...

Those were some good times.

I've gotten a little rusty on my shifting since my Integra was stolen (a pox on the house of those thieves!); but I'm looking at purchasing another car right at the moment, which may let me get back into practice... Nothing special, mind you, just a beater so my wife and kids aren't stranded when I go to work.

I really want to come home soon. In fact, I really want to come home permanently soon. But there are some pretty serious entanglements holding me here right now.

I looked at my Green Card last night and realized it expires in February. Egads! I thought it was good through August. I guess decision time is closer than I realized.


Ames said...

Mr. Ox, Number 21 was creepy and absolutely unnecessary. I am going to have to take you over my knee.

Ames said...

Gwen, I do b'lieve I'm mistin' up. . .

KingJaymz said...

Princess Bride and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies? I knew there was something more than just appreciation of fine beer that I liked about you!

I'll prove 22 wrong and do this one on my blog. It might be mid-week next before I get to it, but I like this one.

Allow me to merge questions 3 and 9: You've just gotten home from a long, tough day at work. You're about to have your favorite beer and relax for a while. What song do you put on?

If you move back to Canada, I will be forced to visit. I have too many Canadian friends now to not. If you do move back up, any chance you'll be coming my way?

joni said...

hi ..i'm Gwens friend..well blogger friend...just lurking around quietly.. but i thought i'd say hi. Nice questionnaire..hehe

clumsy ox said...

Hey Joni!

Gwen has a lot of friends. I try and make it obvious I'm related to her, so I can bask in the reflected glory.

It's kind of like cyber-name-dropping.

I'm so pathetic

clumsy ox said...


I've been mulling over your question throughout this rather hectic weekend. Not a lot of time to post, but I did have some time to think.

"You've just gotten home from a long, tough day at work. You're about to have your favorite beer and relax for a while. What song do you put on?"
That depends:
- During winter, the beer is dark and I'm listening to "Song for a Winter's Night" by Sarah MacLachlan.
- Right now, it's "A Little Trip" by Vinyl Kings and Sam Adam's Summer Ale.

Oh, and I listen to music on loop. I almost never use my CD player any more: I use my computer or my iPod. I figure a song worth listening to once is worth listening to a couple dozen times...

"If you do move back up, any chance you'll be coming my way?"
Actually, my wife and I are both interested in coming your way. We've both gotten a little tired of the Southeast, and I've been wanting to go home again for the last five years.

We have this running competition on how many states we've visited, and right now I'm in the lead. She can only catch up if we visit a state she hasn't seen and I have. She was in the lead after a day in Alaska last summer: I caught up and passed her when we went to Niagara Falls last fall (she'd already been to both NY and PA). The two places I've been without her are your area, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Having said that, we both want to relocate, and your area is high on the list.

Ames said...

Wow, Mr. Ox you took our competition on-line. I think I feel the need for a trip coming on. . .

You and Kingjaymz have way too much in common.