Friday, January 12, 2007

Bookshelf Catalogue

I've often thought it would be fun to do a little catalogue of my books. I never quite got to it, so I thought I'd try now. This is in no way complete.

I don't have what you'd call a large library, but it's big enough to require some cataloguing. At any rate, this is probably Part 1. I have a few bookcases, and I'm not entirely sure what's on each one. Since I loaded up my newest bookcase yesterday, I'll start with that.

Disclaimer: just because I have a book on my bookcase, I am not implying that you should have the same book. In no way is my having a particular book to be construed as my approval of that book. I have some books that I was given as a gift, some that are questionable, some I bought years ago, and some I bought specifically because they are bad: I keep them as an example of wrong thinking. Please don't take this as a recommended reading list.

From Test Album

What's on my newest bookcase? This is a more-or-less complete list, in roughly the same order they are on my shelves:

  1. J. N. Darby: Collected Writings of J. N. Darby (vols. 1--34); Notes and Comments on Scripture (vols. 1--7); Letters of J. N. Darby (vols. 1--3); Index to the Writings of J. N. Darby; Synopsis of the Books of the Bible by J. N. Darby (vols. 1--5)
  2. M. W. Biggs: The Christian's Path in Days of Difficulty; The Assembly in the Wilderness; The Christian's Blessings
  3. G. V. Wigram: Gleanings
  4. J. G. Bellett: The Evangelists; The Opened Heavens; A Short Meditation on the Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ
  5. J. B. Stoney: Ministry by J. B. Stoney (vols. 1--13); Letters of J. B. Stoney (vols. 1--3); Index to Ministry by J. B. Stoney
  6. F. E. Raven: The Head of All Principality and Power; Ministry by F. E. Raven (vols. 1--20); Letters of F. E. Raven; Index to Ministry by F. E. Raven
  7. J. Pellatt: Closing Ministry of J. Pellatt, Vols. 1 & 2
  8. C. A. Coates: An Outline of Genesis; An Outline of Exodus; An Outline of Leviticus; An Outline of Numbers; An Outline of Deuteronomy; An Outline of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth; Outlines of Samuel, Kings, and the Chronicles; Outlines of the Books of the Chronicles; An Outline of the Song of Songs; Outline of the Minor Prophets; Miscellaneous Ministry on the Old Testament; An Outline of Matthew's Gospel; An Outline of Mark's Gospel; An Outline of Luke's Gospel; An Outline of John's Gospel; An Outline of Romans; An Outline of the Epistles of Paul to the Corinthians; An Outline of the Epistle to the Ephesians; An Outline of Hebrews, Thessalonians, Titus, Philemon; An Outline of the Revelation; An Outline of the Epistle of James; Miscellaneous Ministry on the New Testament Matthew--Romans; The Paths of Life; The Food of Life and Other Papers; The Believer Established; Spiritual Blessings; Twelve Lectures on the House of God; A Sure Foundation; The True Grace of God; Letters of C. A. Coates; Index to Ministry by C. A. Coates
  9. Various authors: The Classic Christian Commentary or the red volumes of The Serious Christian. Also one volume of The Serious Christian.
  10. H. A .Ironside: An Historical Sketch of the Brethren Movement; In the Heavenlies; Holiness: the False and the True; Addresses on Thessalonians; Notes on Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther; Notes on the Book of Nehemiah
  11. F. C. Jennings: Mediations on Ecclesiastes
  12. S. Ridout: The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit; The Church and Its Order According to Scripture; The Book of Job
  13. Sir R. Anderson: The Coming Prince
  14. A. Hislop: The Two Babylons
  15. W. Kelly, Ed.: The Bible Treasury (16 vols. + Index) (Actually, there are technically 32 vols. spanning 64 years, but they were bound in books of 2 volumes (4 years) each. So there are 32 volumes in 16 physical books)
  16. W. Kelly: FER Heterodox as to Life Eternal; Lectures on the Church of God; Two Lectures on Ezra and Nehemiah; Lessons on the Books of Chronicles; Exposition of Isaiah; Notes on Daniel; The Minor Prophets; Exposition of the Gospel of John; An Exposition of the Acts of the Apostles; Notes on the First Epistle to the Corinthians; An Exposition of Timothy; Lectures on the Epistle to the Galatians; An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews
  17. E. Dennett: The Three Marys; Unsearchable Riches; The Prophet Daniel; Typical Teachings of Exodus
  18. F. W. Grant: The Numerical Bible (vols. 1--7)
  19. R. K. Campbell: The Church of the Living God
  20. Savage: The Scroll of Time
  21. N. D. Smith: Roots, Renewal, and the Brethren
  22. R. Baylis: My People
  23. N. Noel: The History of the Brethren (vols. 1 & 2)
  24. H. Pickering: Chief Men Among the Brethren
  25. M .Weremchuck: John Nelson Darby
  26. A. Habershon: Study of the Types
  27. F. F. Bruce: The Gospel and Epistles of John
  28. W. Scott: Bible Handbook, New Testament
  29. F. B. Hole: Outlines of Truth; Foundations of the Truth; The Great Salvation
  30. W. Nee: Song of Songs; Sit, Walk, Stand; Love Not the World; The Finest of the Wheat; Spiritual Authority; The Spiritual Man (vol. 1); Not I, But Christ; The Release of the Spirit; The Normal Christian Life
  31. A. Miller: Song of Solomon
  32. W. MacDonald: Justification by Faith
  33. W. A. Lickey: Malachi, Lessons for Today
  34. J. Bramhall: My Beloved is Mine; I am My Beloved's; Living His Life
  35. E. Sauer: The Dawn of World Redemption
  36. H. L. Heijkoop: The Glories of Christ as Seen in the Offerings
  37. C. H. Mackintosh: Short Papers (vols. 1 & 2); Notes on the Pentatuech; The Mackintosh Treasury

No, I haven't read them all. But I have read a lot of them, and have looked in many of them. And that's just the new bookcase: we'll have to cover others later.

Looks like I got some reading to do!


Shan said...
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Ames said...

And you guys call ME lippy. . .

Gwen said...

What? No Georgette Heyer?

clumsy ox said...

Nah... my Georgette Heyer, David Eddings, etc. are on another bookcase. Hopefully I'll get those catalogued soon too.

Shan said...

Actually I would like to take a look at "The Coming Prince" and "The Scroll of Time".

Shan said...

Where are you, bro? We're going on for 5 days with no posting. One would think you had an actual life, full of actual responsibilities. Harumph.

Shan said...

Where are you, bro? We're going on for 5 days with no posting. One would think you had an actual life, full of actual responsibilities. Harumph.

nbondt said...

Do you have any books from Everyday Publications?

clumsy ox said...


It looks like my shelves are devoid of volumes by Everyday Publishers. Nothing immediately came to mind, so I actually looked through their (your?) online catalogue to check.

Are there any titles you'd recommend?