Wednesday, January 10, 2007


There's nothing quite as exciting as receiving a package in the mail. Well, almost nothing.

But today I had a triple-whammy exciting day:

  1. A huge package arrived for me in the mail

  2. The packages was from Dover Bible Fund (Books!)

  3. The timing was perfect, because I just finished finishing my new bookcase!

So here's the package:

Looks a little dinged up? Yeah, it was. I assume that's the fault of USPS, rather than DBF.

And here it is unpacked:

What are those books? I'm glad you asked. I got the complete set of F. E. Raven (20 vols. plus an Index plus Letters of F. E. Raven, a couple volumes by J. B. Stoney, a couple booklets by M. W. Biggs, three copies of Closing Ministry of J. Pellatt, Vols. 1 & 2 and something called The Scroll of Time. Sounds Dispensationalist!

And, of course, I got all the books on my new bookcase:

That's pretty mad book storage density! That's actually a whole lot of books to fit in 29 1/2" wide bookcase. Actually, that bookcase turned out pretty well. Thanks for the help, Dad!


Gwen said...

Sounds great! Shall I should send you a copy of the Kingdom of God is Within You, to balance out your book collection? ;)

Gwen said...

oops - just thinking about Dispensationalism addled my brain - I meant, "Shall I send you."

clumsy ox said...
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clumsy ox said...

Never read it. What's it about?

Shan said...

I've never read it either, but I'm guessing Heresy.

Shan said...

Really nice shelves, bro. I love the library look - matching leather and gilt, etc. I wish I had a couple of those bookshelves. Vertical storage is my new thing.

Gwen said...

Har har, I was just kidding. I just thought up the most Amill. title I could.

Shan said...

I love how this whole comment roll is a bunch of pictures of the Terrible Twillingaters.

And, as usual, M says one thing, while G and S say three things each.

Gwen said...