Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grits ain't groceries

Friday nights I make pizza. Saturday mornings Ames makes a huge breakfast.

This last weekend, it was very hot here in the Northwest. I think it was 90 F on Friday when I was biking home. Not perhaps hot by Southern standards, but people here don't generally have air conditioning. So yeah, it was hot. It was hot enough Ames decided to have a light breakfast: she sauteed some onions and peppers, scrambled some eggs, and cut some fruit.

When she called us all for breakfast, the youngest asked what was for breakfast. Ames told her, and she demanded in her most stentorian, Ghost of Christmas Present voice, ``Are there no grits? Is there no bacon?"

Sometimes I'm overcome with pride.


Alan PreVatte said...

The PreVatte's had breakfast for supper tonight, and yes, we had bacon and grits!

Shan said...


I didn't know you guys could even get grits in the NW USA.

Gwen said...


Had grits once. Didn't really get it. But I'll try again, next time I'm with you for breakfast.