Friday, June 6, 2008

Destination Anywhere

Well, we're rapidly closing in on our moving date. And we're still not absolutely sure where we're going, but life is full of little twists and turns...

It looks like our destination is Seattle, yes, Seattle. This is by no means final, but some interesting opportunities for work are opening up for me in Seattle; and the more we've been thinking about it, the more rational a choice Seattle appears to be. In the end, Seattle has some serious advantages:

  • It's close to family on Vancouver Island

  • It means we don't have to move across an international border: no immigration hassles, no filing income taxes in two countries.

  • It's got significantly more jobs in my field than anything I've seen in Canada, and the wages are significantly better.

  • It alleviates cross-border work as far as existing business relationships are concerned

There are some disadvantages:

  • It's not in Canada

  • It's not too close to Trev, although a lot closer than here

  • It's not in Canada

  • Seattle doesn't get a lot of snow

  • It's not in Canada

  • Ames is not from the rain coast, which means she's not used to that climate

  • It's not in Canada

But as much as I'm loathe to admit it, I'm reluctantly concluding Seattle is probably the most rational destination for us.

Now, I haven't signed anything in blood: we're not actually committed to anything yet. But Seattle is just making more and more sense.


Ames said...

Two things come to mind: rainboots and raincoats.

Gwen said...

and umbrellas.

There's nothing wrong with Seattle. If I had to pick a US city to live in, Seattle would definitely be in the running. It's very close to us, btw. Flight to Vancouver, connect to Seattle, no big deal. There are a lot of "pros" on that list of yours.

Ames said...

I already thought of that, too, Gwen. I even looked at the driving distances between Calgary and Seattle and your place. Not much difference.

I gave up umbrellas when the kids came along. I'm a raincoat kind of gal now.

Chuck said...

Something else to're getting there 15 years too late. No Alice in Chains, no Soundgarden, no Screaming Trees, no Hendrix (well, that's 40 years too late).

They do have that space needle doo-hickey. I reckon that's pretty cool.

Shan said...

Seattle is nice. Really nice. And you weren't used to the climate in the South, but you managed to deal. Don't worry so much.

The Olympic peninsula is beautiful. And you can drive an hour and a half or something, then take a ferry to Victoria. What's not to like?

Michelle said...

While I'm disappointed you won't be closer, that's how life is. We never thought we'd spend three years in Fort McMurray either.

Since I'm a stubbornly optimistic individual, I'll simply look forward to not only visiting you in Seattle (I've always wanted to go there) but also showing you around Calgary when you come out to see us.

Eryn said...

yep. you're right. seattle is not in canada. i just checked.