Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, our plans have accelerated. There have been one or two significant occurrences at work, which have forced my hand, so to speak. I'm now officially working until the end of June.

Our house has sold: closing the end of January. We move into an apartment next Tuesday, with a six-month lease.

So the plan is this: At the end of June, we pack up everything we own and head North. It would be interesting if the packing and leaving took a few days: I came into the USA on August 8, 1994. I look to be leaving almost exactly 14 years later.

We plan to drive north across the USA, for various personal reasons. I'd like to stop in St. Louis and catch up with a buddy or two there along the way. Anyone between North Carolina and Vancouver who's willing to have coffee or lunch with us as we head north, drop me a note.

This is exciting: kinda like the first pie at a new pizza joint.


Gwen said...

This is VERY exciting. We've been thinking and praying about it for so long, it's almost surreal now that it's happening!

Email and let me know if/when you've figured out where in Canada you're thinking of going. AB? BC?

Shan said...

Oh finally...I'm so happy.

Eryn said...

definitely stop by st louis!

KingJaymz said...

I keep telling myself, "Duh, Ah'm gunna remember tuh call Mark." and then forget or allow the time to be squeezed out of my day.

Well, you damn well better stop here. It'd be a great place to pause for the night, and I'll have some great beer brewed up especially for your arrival (maybe I'll have a few different Belgians that I can get some good age on before you arrive).