Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas

dark beer
sparkling juice
salt-n-vinegar chips
pepperoni sticks
Danish blue
paintbrush cookies
cinnamon buns
strong coffee
...yup, it's Christmas.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

We've gotten past the holiday preparations: tonight we light the last Advent candle (the white one) and go to Christmas Eve services. Then we come home and hide presents for the kids to find in the morning.

I love Christmas.

So I'm listening to Diana Krall, The Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Field, the Choir of King's College, The Sixteen, Sarah MacLachlan, and Bing Crosby; I'm remembering fondly being cloistered from the cold and dark, sitting near the roaring woodstove. I remember sleepless Christmas Eves, Gwen's Santa costume, and Shan sleeping next to the tree.

I remember one Christmas morning when Shan got the present she wanted so much (won't mention what it was, for fear of embarrassing her): it was exciting, even for me.

I remember cinnamon buns with cherries and raisins for breakfast.

I remember one Christmas in particular, when it started to snow as we were eating turkey. I remember playing in the snow under the streetlight on Twillingate.

I remember Trev coming to stay a few days shortly after Christmas. That was one of the best Christmas presents I ever got.

And of course I remember kneeling on the beach one Christmas, and Ames said "yes".

Happy Christmas, everyone.


Shan said...

Aw....I be all teary-eyed.

And I don't embarrass easily...Do you mean the Barbie van? It was PHAT, bro. Best thing EVER. There was a shower in there!!

Gwen said...

Let me just mop the snot off the keyboard...

Okay, I can handle Shan and I being nostalgic, but when you do it -- I just can't control myself.

I forgot about the Santa getup; isn't there a picture of that somewhere? And the snow under the street light on Twillingate Road... aw, man, those were good times.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful collection of memories! I like the idea of hiding presents, that sounds like fun.

We were so disappointed we missed your Christmas Eve call - we ventured out for a drive to look at the lights, and by the time we returned it was too late to call back. Merry Christmas!

clumsy ox said...

Well sick kids kept us from carols and lessons last night, as well as Eucharist this morning.

But nevermind, it's Christmas, and we're having a good day.

Eryn said...

lovely recollections. we all have them, but rarely put them into words.
Merry Christmas.