Thursday, November 8, 2007

Checking in

Well, this week has gone very well: we've brought another factory online, and things have gone exceedingly smoothly. Of course, I am tired, worn-out, and sore from being on my feet for 12--14 hours at a time: my cushy job writing software has caught up to me in more than just my increasing waistline!

Speaking of which, I've been stumped recently by how to deal with the problem of exercise without spending yet more time apart from the kids. I suddenly had an inspiration a week or two ago. One of my daughters is a lot like me: adverse to physical exercise, fond of spending time with a book. I've been trying to figure out how to motivate her to get some exercise when I hit on the plan of father-and-daughter walks in the mornings. It's taken off well, except for turmoil caused by this week of chaos at work. So now three or four of us gambol along when it's still dark outside, enjoying the crisp morning air and each others' company. It's a chance for mum to get a little calm first thing in the morning too. And I might be over-optimistic, but I think it's having a positive affect on at least two of us.


Stace' said...

Are you packin' a 9mm for the morning stroll?

Dodge Ball is a geat form of family exercise too!!!

Ames said...


The bullet proof vests really come in handy. And, it goes without saying, that they always check for Snoopy first.

Michelle said...

I grew up a total 'daddy's girl', so it warms my heart to read of special bonding times like this.

sarah said...

That is great. I love my walks with my little boy (him in his stroller) I can't wait until he is bigger so we can take walks together.

Eryn said...

why does it seem so hard to find time to excercise? i hear walking is the best form of excercise. have fun!

Gwen said...

How are the walks going?

At A Hen's Pace said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging comment!

Maybe I should know...but what is the "clumsy ox" that you have created? Is the factory you mentioned in this post churning them out, or is that just your job apart from creating clumsy oxen?

I'm curious!