Monday, March 26, 2007

Still here

Well, I haven't blogged in a long time, which is probably due to a lot of factors.  Not that there is a large body of people lined to read my blog or anything, but I still feel I owe both my readers some occasional updates.

The weather is balmy here in the South: mid-70s to mid-80s these days. Too hot for my northern system, but there you have it: it I don't like it, I ought to leave.

Of course, I've been <i>trying</i> to leave for 5 years or so now, and nothing's come of it, so what's a poor Canadian to do? Drink more beer!

Work's been plugging along, and suddenly we're trying to deliver an application I've been writing for the last year. Of course, when we sat down to run through it and figure out what needs to be changed or updated, it all blew up. Like, nothing works as it should. So here I am, sitting up late, re-writing pieces of this monster to make a deliery date that is suddenly way unrealistic.

Life can really take it out of you.

I bought a roto-tiller last fall, thinking to till up and replace my front and back lawns. Last time I checked, it was too early: now it's too late. What happened????? Every Saturday gets doled out to those who seem to lust so desparately after my time, and nothing gets done. At least I actually get paid for some of them...

Today it seems like I exist merely to get this stupid Chemical Engineering application done.


Gwen said...

Thanks for finally reinforcing my OCD-like behaviour of clicking on your blog three, four, five times daily, just to see if you posted.

You sound tired. Maybe you should go have a beer, and throw something on the grill, too.

Shan said...

Yes, posts are like crack. Thanks for feeding the habit.

Actually I am one of your 2 subscribers on bloglines...don't know who the other is, but it notifies me when you update. If only it would notify me when the comments change, I'd be golden.

Mark, I found this great website you'd love. is a personal library site where you can enter keywords of your books, and the site searches amazon and the Library of Congress, returning a list of matching titles. You just click on your book and bob's your uncle, it gets added to your list. Soon you have a magical online db of your books. Check out the site - it's great. I am going to be putting a blog widget on HSBoots that shows random titles from your library every time the blog loads. Cool.