Thursday, February 1, 2007

Spoils of war

I was getting a cup of coffee, and dug out my old Compaq mug. That got me thinking fondly of my days as a Tru64 Unix administrator.

So, besides a knowledge of the more obscure points of Unix administration, a high level of confidence in vi and csh, and the insight to see nothing really new has been done in storage since the days of DEC StorageWorks; pretty much all I have to show for my time in Tru64 Unix is a couple mugs and a shirt (not shown):

Alas how the mighty have fallen.


Ames said...

That was funny, son.

Ames said...

Oh, you probably forgot irreparable heart damage from high blood pressure and grey hair as your spoils.

Gwen said...

Alternate title option: In The Cupboard of a Nerd God

Shan said...

I like the red one. I feel like I'm having a Happy Holiday, right now.